Posted by: John Stanish | 5 May 2010 Down Due Hardware Issue at Hosting Provider

Reading the status blog for my hosting provider, Dreamhost, that states the storage controller died 5 am Central time and it corrupted the data of all of the sites hosted on it. As of a half hour ago, Dreamhost says they are restoring the data for the whole raid. Can’t give any timetable when the site will be back online. Thinking about changing hosting providers because they have been down for over 12 hours and didn’t notify me of the hardware problems. 😦

Update as of 22:15 Central time: Site is still not serving pages. Over 16 hours of down time. Will be definitely researching hosting providers this weekend and moving my sites from Dreamhost.

Update 5/6, 7:23 Central: Sites are still not serving pages. Over 24 hours of down time. Have been looking overnight at new hosting providers because Dreamhost has now become NightmareHost.

Update 5/6, 22:00 Central: Looking at the site logs show the site has been up since 4:30 pm. Total downtime of almost a day and a half. So much for 100% guaranteed uptime.



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