Posted by: John Stanish | 26 August 2007


I want to introduce my blog for the USAF WAPS promotion calculators. To begin with, I started the first calculator as a Visual Basic application in 1998.  However, I found that for people to use it I had to include the hefty Microsoft VB library. On a home computer that wasn’t a big deal. On government computers, installing this library could cause conflicts known as DLL hell. So Thanksgiving of 2001, I decided to create a lightweight CGI version for the Web. At first, there was no version for Senior and Chief Master sergeants. A year later, I added the USAF SNCO WAPS Promotion Score Calculator™. In January 2006, I removed both calculators after my hosting provider suspended my site for violating their Acceptable Use Policy. The violation was due to so many people accessing my site simultaneously which prevented other sites on the server from providing content to their users. I am in the process of developing a combined JavaScript version that does not require CGI to compute the scores. I have some more testing and tweaks to do before I will put it online.



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