Posted by: John Stanish | 30 November 2008

USAF WAPS Promotion Calculators Online

I have put up the initial release of the USAF WAPS Promotion Calculators (USAF WAPS Decoration Promotion Score Calculator™, the USAF WAPS EPR Promotion Score Calculator™, the USAF Combined WAPS Promotion Score Calculator™, the USAF WAPS Promotion Timeline Calculator™, and the USAF WAPS Eligibility Calculator™) on the Google App Engine. It is available to ‘’, ‘’, ‘’, and some ‘.edu’ and .gov’  users. These calculators can be used by airmen testing for Staff Sergeant through Chief Master Sergeant. You can access it by clicking one of the URLs below in your browser: <.mil  & .gov only> <.mil & .gov only> <.mil & .gov only>

You will only need a Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Camino, Opera, an Apple iPhone, an Apple iPod Touch, an Android phone or an Internet Explorer 7.0 and 8.0 compatible browser with JavaScript enabled to use it on Linux, Solaris, Mac OS X, or Windows. No additional software is necessary, e.g. Microsoft Excel.

UPDATED 6/27/10:  updated URLs



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