Posted by: John Stanish | 17 August 2008

Promotion Calculator on Google Apps Engine?

I have been thinking for a while of moving the USAF WAPS EPR Promotion Points Calculator™, USAF WAPS Decoration Promotion Points Calculator™, USAF WAPS Promotion Eligibility Calculator™ plus launch the USAF Combined WAPS Promotion Score Calculator™ on the Google Apps Engine. Using the Google Apps Engine would not require me to pay hosting fees and Google provides quotas on usage. If the quotas are exceeded, I could have Google shut down the application site until the next quota cycle.

After moving these calculators, I would restrict access to “.mil” users only because over the last several years a number of duplicitous airmen have misused and plagiarized the site for their personal gain from non-government locations. So you can thank them personally for this stipulation.

I don’t have a timetable when this will happen however it should be hopefully ready by Christmas.



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