Posted by: John Stanish | 18 October 2009 Project


I have moved all of the USAF WAPS Promotions Calculators to under General Public License, version 2 and Creative Commons licenses. This means that you can share any of the calculators with anyone provided that you don’t change it in any way.  If you want to ask for new features or to report bugs, you will need to go to the Support page found on the Sourceforge web site.

Saving HTML pages

You can save the .HTML pages to your computer by right clicking on the file link and clicking on the “Save Page as…” menu option.

USAF Combined WAPS Promotion Calculators

In order to use this, you will need to use PKZip or Winzip to unzip the downloaded file into its own folder. Open the wapscombined_1_0.html to start using it in Google Chrome or your default browser.



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