Posted by: John Stanish | 3 February 2008

Review of WAPSCalc

WAPSCalc, [], is a tool written by Joseph Golembiewski that enlisted Air Force airmen can use to compute their Time in Service, Time in Grade, and Enlisted Performance Report points plus get an estimate of what they will need to score on their Performance Fitness Exam and Skills Knowledge Test in order to meet or exceed their specialty’s promotion cutoff score.


I downloaded WAPSCalc which is designed as a standalone application for Windows computers only. The first thing I noticed is when I tabbed between the fields, it went from the Rank group box to the EPR Points, then to TIS box followed by the TIG box, then back to the Rank group box. This means that you can only get to the Dex, Cutoff, SKT, and PFE boxes by clicking on them with your mouse. To determine your decoration points, you must use Joe’s separate application, Dex, which can be downloaded and installed separately. On the EPR Points popup, it would be helpful to have the points displayed in the popup window as the user is changing EPR scores. Also with the Cutoff, SKT, and PFE boxes, it would be nice to be able to type in the numbers in addition to using the arrow buttons to adjust the scores.

The first feature definitely lacking is a check of whether one is eligible for promotion. For a Staff Sergeant testing this year, I can enter dates after the eligible dates and the application plugs away with the approximate scores. There is no message stating the person is not eligible. The second feature that I would like to see added is the minimum dates for time in service and time in rank plus the dates of the promotion cycle. Third, it would be nice to have Dex included
in this application without having to use it separately. Lastly, I would like the “Test Year” to go up to 2020 or higher. Why? It would allow mentors and supervisors the capability to show the promotion time line for career advising.

WAPSCalc provides useful and accurate information for determining the mentioned EPR, TIS and TIG points however the interface needs to redesigned so that users can easily move between the fields. Plus, the ability to adjust the Test Year past 2010 would be appreciated by all.

[UPDATE] On March 19, 2008, Joe deleted all of the contents on his site. WAPSCalc and Dex are no longer available from him. I believe you can still get WAPSCalc and SNOCalc with the McMillan Study Guide software, 2007 PDG GOLD and 2007 PDG GOLD for SNCOs.



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